Weimaraners & Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas shown and worked

Driffield Champ Show September 2013

Zoldmali Narcisz with Deifstock - Best of Breed aged 16 months

Birmingham National Champ Show May 2013

Deifstock Dandee Red - 1st Junior dog and Reserve CC at only 14 months old

Deifstock Delbard - 4th Junior dog

Deifstock Dolce Vita at Kubear - 1st Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in breed

Zoldmali Narcisz with Deifstock - 2nd Puppy Bitch

Boston Champ Show January 2013

Deifstock Delbard - 1st Puppy dog, Best Puppy in Breed and Puppy Group 4

Deifstock Dandee Red - 2nd Puppy dog

Deifstock Devilish about Wipfel - 3rd Post Graduate Bitch

Megans Mystrow at Deifstock - 1st Veteran Bitch

Deifstock Dolce Vita at Kubear - 1st Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy in Breed, Puppy Group 1 and Reserve Best Puppy in Show

Zoldmali Narcisz with Deifstock - 2nd Puppy Bitch

So very pleased with all of our dogs results


Izzie - Deifstock Dilemma won the bitch CC at The National Show 10th May 2012 under German Breed Master, Dr Axel Linneweber. Many congratulations to Emma on this massive achievement, Deifstocks 1st ever CC. We are so proud of you both.

We are Shirley and Wayne Cooper, originally from Birmingham, now living in the beautiful Norfolk countryside. We knew nothing of the work our dogs could do when we lived in the city and are so lucky to live where we do now as we have a good network of local shoots where the dogs are welcomed. Our dogs are primarily family pets and companions who live in the house with us, they are all worked on local shoots during the season and they really enjoy their days out.